Contact Information Section

Contact Information Section

The Contact Information Section should include all methods of getting in touch with you.

Your name should typically appear at the top of the résumé in a relatively large, readable font (don’t get carried away with fancy or elaborate font styles). Your contact information should appear directly below that. You do not need to label it as such; it simply appears below your name. At the minimum, your contact information should include the following:

  • your current address
  • telephone number.

Often, people also include the following extra contact points:

  • cell phone numbers
  • pager numbers
  • e-mail addresses (e-mail is becoming a more common way for potential employers to contact people)
  • personal web pages.

If you are a student, you might need to include your school address and your permanent address. However, if you do so, it is beneficial to include what dates you will be at each address. It is always a good idea to make it as easy as possible for potential employers to find you.

If your contact information changes, it is crucial that you notify potential employers. For instance, if you move or change e-mail addresses, it is a good idea to notify any employers who might have your résumé on file. You can either resend your new résumé with the current contact information and a note explaining that your information has changed, or you can send a postcard or letter to the Human Resources department asking them to change the information on their copy of your résumé.

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