How to Make a Basic Braid Step by Step Tutorial

Tip: For best results on a Basic braid, make sure to pull hair into a tight ponytail.

Step 1
First, you’ll want to separate the ponytail into 3 equal strands. Hold 2 strands in your right hand with your palm facing up. Hold the third strand in your left hand.


Step 2
Next, turn your right hand over so your palm is now facing down. This makes the right strand now in the middle and the middle strand on the right.


Step 3
Switch hands and hold right strand in the right hand and the middle strand and left strands in the left hand with palm facing up. Turn your left hand until your palm is facing down.


Step 4
Repeat steps 1 through 3 until there is no hair available to braid. Then fasten with an elastic.



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